#SafetyTipsForLadies: Raising Awareness of Sexual Assault

April has been nationally recognized as Sexual Assault Awareness Month since 2001. In celebration, may I recommend checking out #safetytipsforladies on Twitter. This trending hashtag, which received major coverage in The Guardian, is witty, hilarious, and does a great job of pointing out the absurdity of trying to teach women not to get raped, rather than teaching men to not rape. Here are examples of what I mean:

This year the focus of Sexual Assault Awareness Month will be on healthy sexuality and child sexual abuse prevention. Anyone can be part of the conversation, as folks will be taking to Twitter to chat, debate, and spread the word about such issues as sexual health and safety, rape prevention, and prevention of sexual violence in Latino/a communities. These online events, digitally hosted by experts in their respective fields, are scheduled to take place every Tuesday in April. For more information, check out the Sexual Assault Awareness Month website, which includes the history of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, a schedule of events, and various other resources.

Sadie Rothman, Executive Assistant | Grassroots Coordinator | Humanist Society CoordinatorSadie Rothman is the field and Humanist Society coordinator for the American Humanist Association.