Submit Your Life Story for the Humanist Heritage Project


Are you a leader who has dedicated your life to the advancement of humanism? We want to hear from you.
The Humanist Heritage Project seeks to conserve the life stories of humanist leaders in a perpetual archive for historic preservation. The project is under the sponsorship of the Humanist Foundation, the endowment fund of the American Humanist Association.
An archivist will catalog each story submitted by each leader, making them available for the American Humanist Association’s own use, as well as for qualified researchers. Over the years, there have been frequent requests by advanced-degree candidates and journalists who have been granted access to the files of such pioneers as Edwin H. Wilson and Lloyd Morain.
As you write your story, we suggest including:
  • Your place and date of birth, early family years, the religion or philosophy of your parents
  • Schools attended, degrees, your profession, books and articles you’ve written
  • Your adult years, family, spouse, associates, friends, children and grandchildren
  • Your humanism, how you define humanism, how it has influenced your daily and professional life
  • Your work with humanist institutions: as a humanist leader (national or local), allied institutions, special projects, or your views as an AHA member
  • Your assessment of the greater humanist movement of today, its goals and directions, and your outlook for the future of the AHA and humanism
There is no length limitation to what you can submit. You are welcome to include copies of your writings, videos, audio tapes, and more.
People who devote their lives to the advancement of humanism are our most valuable resources, and we want to hear from you. Submit your life story to and become a part of the Humanist Heritage Project.