Support A Better Life: 100 Atheists Book Project

Humanist Network News is pleased to support a new book project created by New York photographer and filmmaker Chris Johnson. A Better Life: 100 Atheists Speak Out on Joy and Meaning in a World Without God will be a printed photography book of atheists across the United States. Each portrait will be paired with a short message from the subject about some aspect of joy, meaning or passion in life. It could focus on the love of a beautiful relationship, the joy of a rewarding career, the pleasure of a treasured pastime, or any other topics.

The goal of the book, according to Chris, is to dispel the common misconception that the lives of nonbelievers are somehow emptier or less meaningful. Chris hopes this book will serve as an inspiration for those who are afraid to “come out” as an atheist.

Chris Johnson’s photography has been seen in The New York Times, and he’s the recipient of the Kodak Award for Excellence in Filmmaking. He received his undergraduate degree in film production (along with a minor in religious studies) from Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec. To read HNN’s interview with Chris, click here.

As of April 4, Chris has raised over $54,000, but there’s still $41,000 left to go to meet his Kickstarter goal. He writes on the importance of publishing A Better Life:

Complete strangers have pledged large amounts of money to help this project along, and the interest has been very positive. I’ve even gotten a few emails from some closeted atheists telling me how much this book would mean to them in helping them feel less alone in the world.

Help support the A Better Life book project by making a donation of $50 or more (which also gets you a free hardcover copy of the book upon release). And help get the word out via Twitter, Facebook, or an email to your friends. 

The fundraiser for A Better Life ends Sunday, April 8. Donate $50 or more today and help make this project a reality! 

UPDATE (4/6/12): A generous backer has agreed to match dollar-for-dollar every new pledge or pledge increase up to $10,000! Donate now