Support the ERA: A Statement from Pro-Choice Activist Bill Baird

My U.S. Supreme Court case Baird v. Eisenstadt legalized birth control nationally on March 22, 1972. Baird was quoted six times in Roe v. Wade and in my two other U.S. Supreme Court cases, Baird v. Bellotti I and Baird v. Bellotti II for minors’ rights to abortion.

For nearly 50 years I fought against anti-birth control and anti-abortion laws that have enslaved women for centuries often resulting in poverty, illness and even death. The suffering that I witnessed when abortion and birth control were illegal propels me to continue to fight for the equality of women and all of humankind.

I fervently believe that the Equal Rights Amendment must be passed so that women can be on an equal playing field with men in our nation. It is a national disgrace that this battle for equality continues into the 21st century. Women must be granted permanent equal rights in our U.S. Constitution.

This mission is more pressing than ever given the lack of clarity and consistency from those holding and running for political office.  With only three more states left to ratify this vital constitutional affirmation for women’s rights, let all of us working together usher in a new era of equality for all Americans.

Support the American Humanist Association and the Feminist Caucus in the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment. Click here for more information.

Bill Baird has been considered the “father” of the birth control and abortion rights movement. The 1972 Supreme Court decision Einsenstadt v. Baird established the right of unmarried people to have access to birth control. He, with his wife Joni, co-direct the Pro Choice League