The Humanist Hour #56: Onward Christian Athletes
[November 24, 2010]

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In this month’s audio podcast, “Onward Christian Athletes” author, Tom Krattenmaker, presents his book to AHA’s 69th Annual Conference attendees.  Also learn more about the largest non-religious ad campaign, launched earlier in November by the American Humanist Association.

About “Onward Christian Athletes”: 

Players pointing triumphantly to the heavens. Lavishly paid pro athletes proclaiming their Christianity in public every chance they get. Faith Nights at professional sports events. The hand of God proclaimed in every win streak. Pro sports teams are supposed to provide a civic rallying ground where fans of widely varying background and faiths come together. In Onward Christian Athletes, religion expert and commentator Tom Krattenmaker takes us behind the scenes of the conservative Christian movement to evangelize in the club house and enlist pro athletes to promote a specific brand of Christianity outside the mainstream of a religiously and politically diverse America.


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