The Weekly Humanist Puzzle: Letter Sudoku

Who doesn’t love Sudoku? Try this twist on the traditional Sudoku puzzle using letters instead of numbers! Use the nine letters from the title, “FLUID MESA,” to fill out the grid.

The rules are the same:

  1. Every row must contain each letter once.
  2. Every column must contain each letter once.
  3. Every 3×3 square must contain each letter once.
  4. The major diagonals also have each letter once.

Our special thanks to Dan Mason, creator of this puzzle! Dan creates puzzles for the WilliamsportGuardian, a bimonthly newspaper promoting awareness, arts, culture and education in north-centralPennsylvania.

Download the puzzle here, or print out this page to start solving! The answers will appear in the nextissue of Humanist Network News (June 15).


The answers to last week’s Drop Quotes puzzle, Richard Dawkins, can be found here.