Top Ten

Can you believe the American Humanist Association gets hate mail? Yeah, we’re surprised too. Just kidding!

Here’s a compilation of some of the best “love letters” (we call them “love” because most messages we receive from those who oppose humanism are more passive-aggressive than full of “hate”) we’ve received over the years. Warning: strong language and descriptions of sex and violence may appear in these letters (sorry, we didn’t write them).

10. Humanists Are Empowered by Reason Satan
Of course Satan, whom we don’t believe in, gives humanists power.

9. Honey All Over You and Tie You To a Tree
This person’s version of “torture” for humanists might make you laugh more than worry. 

8. God Loves You No Matter How F*cked Up You Are
Can’t be more passive aggressive than this!

7. Burn in Hell
A long rant about praying for us.

6. Hell is Hot
We had no idea! Thanks for the heads up!

5. Satan’s Children
This was successfully mailed to our office. Does that make it true?

4. The End of Days
This is difficult to read, but you can tell it’s from someone just a little bit crazy.

3. Humanists are Communists, Of Course
Among many  other names, humanists clearly are communists and against in God We Trust.

2. To “Atheist Roy Speckhardt”
A special message to our executive director.

1. Short, Sweet and To the Point
This letter writer wants us to do one thing and one thing only.