Christians, Muslims—and Atheists!—Welcome at Local DC Restaurant during Inauguration

The District of Columbia’s residents are very liberal—90 percent of voters chose Hillary Clinton in the presidential election—so it should come as no surprise that thousands are participating in a number of scheduled protests and anti-Trump events in the city during inauguration week. Local businesses are getting in on the action too.

According to New York Magazine’s food section, Grub Street, “at least fifteen DC-area eateries…have pledged some of their profits from January 20 to 22 to non-governmental organizations with agendas that are effectively the opposite of the incoming president’s.” Some of the beneficiaries include women’s advocacy organizations like House of Ruth, reproductive service provider Planned Parenthood, LGBT advocacy groups like Human Rights Campaign, and immigrant rights organizations.

One popular restaurant in the DC area is standing out: Nando’s PERi-PERi, an Afro-Portuguese restaurant known for its twenty-four-hour marinated grilled chicken, has begun its #EveryoneIsWelcome campaign to emphasize the importance of welcoming all people on Inauguration Day. From the restaurant’s website:

On January 20, Inauguration Day, Nando’s will be what it always has been: A place for everyone to enjoy and share delicious PERi-PERi chicken, no matter the circumstances.

At a time when people apply labels in inflammatory ways, we wanted to be clear that everyone is and always will be welcome. Even if you’ve never sat at one of our tables, you’re welcome to stand with us.

To put their message in exact words, Nando’s posted this image:


Yes, you saw it right—Nando’s included “atheist” among its list of religious groups deserving respect! Nando’s has given away 60,000 posters featuring this image on the back and a simple red heart with the hashtag #EveryoneIsWelcome on the front through the Washington Post’s free newspaper, Express, and is encouraging restaurants and businesses to display the poster in their windows.

Nando's #EveryoneIsWelcome  sign on the AHA's headquarters in Washington, DC

Nando’s #EveryoneIsWelcome sign on the AHA’s headquarters in Washington, DC

And if you needed another reason to patronize their establishment, Nando’s will donate 50 percent of the net proceeds from their six DC restaurants on January 20 and 21 to DC Central Kitchen, which fights hunger in Washington, DC.

Whether you supported Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, whether you are participating in official inaugural events or attending a protest, remember: we are all Americans. And everyone is welcome.