Tell Your Representative to Support the Abortion Justice Act

There’s a lot of abortion legislation out there—understandably so. The Policy team at the American Humanist Association (AHA) makes sure we’re on top of supporting legislation that furthers the strength of abortion protections in the United States, so that EVERYONE can access and receive the care they need. That’s why today, we ask that you urge your Representative to cosponsor and support the Abortion Justice Act.

The right to abortion, and reproductive freedom generally, must be strongly safeguarded from all infringement in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health decision that overturned Roe v. Wade and decimated federal abortion protections. As humanists, we strongly believe that all individuals must have unfettered access to safe abortions and the ability to engage in healthy family planning, regardless of economic status, immigration status, or geography.

The progressive Abortion Justice Act (H.R. 4303), sponsored by Rep. Ayanna Pressley (MA-7), does just that. Going further than just codifying Roe v. Wade’s former federal protections, this legislation would provide funds to help increase abortion access or to support individuals who need access to abortion care, help to increase the number of abortion providers across the nation, require insurance coverage to cover abortion care, ensure immigrant families can safely receive care, and makes access to abortion a fundamental legal right. You can read the bill here, and a summary here.

The Abortion Justice Act is certainly legislation worthy of your support. While the Women’s Health Protection Act (WHPA), which the AHA supports and which guarantees the right of a patient to access an abortion and the right of an abortion provider to deliver such service, has rightfully seen movement and received important support, it really is the ‘floor’ of reproductive freedoms. The Abortion Justice Act takes things a step further in fortifying the protections and access that would be afforded in WHPA, which is why it is also supported by the AHA; the legislation would provide the tangible logistical tools and ‘umph’ needed to ensure the actual delivery of reproductive healthcare.

Of her Act, Rep. Pressley stated, “In a truly just America, everyone is free to make decisions about their lives, their bodies, and their futures with dignity—including the decision to pursue abortion care without fear, shame, or systemic barriers. Abortion care is health care and a fundamental human right, but access to this right has been stripped away from far too many, exacerbating many of the inequities and disparities that harm our most vulnerable.” Said Rep. Pressley. “Our Abortion Justice Act builds the infrastructure necessary to systematically expand access to care, and I am thankful for my colleagues and our advocates for their close partnership on this bill. A just America is possible, and I look forward to the day where our bodily autonomy is our own.”

Your representative should be committed to breaking barriers and ensuring abortion access for all. Access to abortion is a fundamental right that allows individuals to maintain control of their own bodies, health, economic and social outcomes, and futures. Take just one moment now to urge your Representative to cosponsor and support the Abortion Justice Act.