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Considering Reparations

When a person mentions the word reparations, many conjure up an image of a zig-zagging, hundred-mile trail of black people lined up at the door of the White House, cartoon money bags in hand, waiting for... Read More

The Beauty of Universal Benefits

Pete Buttigieg scored some points at last week’s Democratic debate by going against popular party opinion on the issue of free college tuition. It isn’t fair, Mayor Pete argued, to make working-class families pay for free... Read More

Imperial Borders and Mythical Frontiers The Cruel Truth of Immigration and American Empire

IMMIGRATION IS THE FOCAL POINT of the political moment, and it is the thing we Americans think about most foolishly—with the least history or context, with little common sense, and almost no perspective. It’s talked about... Read More

The Wall of Separation May Hold

It’s no secret that the American Humanist Association is concerned about recent attempts to further erode the wall of separation between church and state. The Supreme Court’s decision to allow the Bladensburg cross to stand certainly... Read More

The Bible According to Thomas Jefferson

Editor's note: in honor of Thomas Jefferson's 271st birthday on April 13, looks back at two articles from the March/April 2012 issue of the Humanist magazine. Read Peter Carlson's examination of Jefferson's Bible below, and... Read More