A Crowded But Empty Tomb

by Robert M. Price

Surely you heard the news earlier this year of the discovery (actually twenty-seven years ago) of what some claim is the tomb of Jesus... Read More

Pastors & Politics Why is the IRS letting tax-exempt churches play politics?

by Larry Keller

Speaking to his congregation at Fairview Baptist Church in Edmond, Oklahoma, in September, Pastor Paul Blair proclaimed himself a “God-fearing Oklahoman” and a “patriotic... Read More

I Do Belong

by Wendy Liu

Wendy Liu was presented with the Humanist Pioneer award at the 69th Annual Conference of the American Humanist Association on June 4, 2010. Introducing... Read More

Belief and a Change of Fortune

by Fred Edwords

In February 2007 famed British athlete and born-again Christian Jonathan Edwards resigned from Songs of Praise, BBC television's flagship religious program. The reason? According... Read More