Making Friends in High Places Three American peace activists meet their young Afghani counterparts

by Kathy Kelly, Jerica Arents, and David Smith-Ferri

Bamiyan Province in Afghanistan, a stunningly beautiful mountainous region, is located in the center of the country, roughly 100 miles northwest of Kabul. Most... Read More


by David Swanson

War Is a Lie is the 2010 self-published book by Humanist contributor David Swanson, in which he attempts a comprehensive refutation of all the... Read More

The Letter from Death

FOREWORD by Howard Zinn Lillian Moats gives us, in The Letter from Death, a brilliant and strikingly original work of the imagination, drawing both... Read More

Who’s Your Guide? The burden of proof falls hard on nonreligious conscientious objectors

by Karen Frantz

On September 2, 2006, Agustin Aguayo--an army specialist who had gone AWOL the day before while his unit was gearing up for deployment to... Read More