Answers to Last Week’s Humanist Puzzle

Did you solve last week’s Double Jumble? Check your answers below! Special thanks to Dan Mason, creator of this puzzle! Check Humanist Network News next week for a brand new puzzle to solve!

The Humanist Puzzle: Double Jumble

This week’s puzzle, titled “The Modern World,” is a double jumble! Unscramble the words and place into the blanks with numbers beneath. Transfer the letters to the grid based on the numbered boxes to reveal... Read More

Humanist Crossword Puzzle: Two x H

New crossword puzzle this week! Our special thanks to Dan Mason, creator of this puzzle. Dan creates puzzles for the Williamsport Guardian, a bimonthly newspaper promoting awareness, arts, culture and education in north-central Pennsylvania. The... Read More

Humanist Puzzle: Cryptoquote

Humanist Puzzle: Cryptoquote Here’s a new puzzle this week! The quote below was encrypted with a simple Caesar cypher. Each letter in the original quote has been replaced by a different letter. The bold, underlined... Read More