You Don’t Know Jack

Reporter: There are those who would say about Dr. Jack Kevorkian: “Right message; wrong messenger.” Geoffrey Fieger: And who is the right messenger? These lines sum up the dilemma posed by You Don’t Know Jack,... Read More

The Sky, Full of Birds

Background chatter, the chink of spoons on china, music piped in. Outside, the sky a medley of soaring birds, on the streets people walking to work, sun shining through the window on my face.I’ve been... Read More


I. In the corner of the garden we found the perfect spot for the damask rose "Celsiana," but when we dug, we hit a boulder. I said, "Let's plant somewhere else." "No," she disagreed, "we'll... Read More

Karma, Dharma, Pudding & Pie

“Karma, dharma, pudding, and pie...” isn’t exactly how we remember the line read to us in our tender years. But then, nursery rhymes are no longer thought of in the same way either—as innocent little... Read More

Cathartic Comics assortment of cartoons and comic strips about humanism, atheism, religion, science and May 13, 2009 Freethunk! Comics and humor for freethinkers and potential freethinkers. You're not crazy, they are! COPYRIGHT JEFF SWENSON The... Read More

Attendance Check

Swapping cigarettes, jabs, chips, they drift like Rockaway waves from the boys home into the classroom, ninth graders no one would bet on, discarded by split parents. The deck of misfortune they inherited keeps shoving... Read More