Three Poems by Alan Cohen

Gone Tomorrow We venture out in the morning The two of us Venture into traffic Start towards work At home here Not because we vote as our neighbors Not because we know them Or root... Read More

The Coming Good Society

BY WILLIAM F. SCHULZ AND SUSHMA RAMAN HARVARD UNIVERSITY PRESS, 2020 Civilization is undergoing tremendous technological change. Computers and the internet have opened huge new areas of information and surveillance opportunities. Biotechnology and genetics have... Read More

The Comics Section: Whack-a-Monolith

The latest from Cagle Cartoons!     Monolith Sightings by Randall Enos, Easton, CT     Earth rejected by the Galactic Federation by Dave Whamond, Canada,  

A Global Celebration of Love

#LoveIsLove began trending on Twitter in June 2015 after Obergefell v. Hodges established same-sex marriage throughout the United States. To celebrate the motto and their love for each other, artists Fleur Pierets and Julian P.... Read More