Bill Nye and Amy Schumer: No, the Universe Is Not Trying to Tell You Something

No, the Universe did not call you that cab or tell you to take vitamins.

In a hilarious new video from Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer, 2010 Humanist of the Year Bill Nye “The Science Guy” sets the record straight about whether or not the universe is intervening in the everyday lives of humans: “The universe is essentially a force, sending cosmic guidance to white women in their twenties.”

The video then cuts to comedian Amy Schumer chatting with a friend on an exercise bike as she debates the decades-old question: Is having sex with your married boss OK? Schumer initially believes this to be morally wrong, but then, after seeing someone wearing a t-shirt that said, “Chill,” she sees it as an obvious sign and determines, “This is so the universe telling me to keep f***ing my boss!”

As we see the number of the practicing religious declining, you’d think there would be a greater use of logic and reason, especially when it comes to coincidence and chance. And though there is much we still don’t know about the universe, scientists generally believe it’s likely not telling you what to do.

Regardless of how many twenty-something’s there are insisting that their misunderstandings are the cause of the mysterious and wondrous universe, we can only hope that there will always be Bill Nye and Amy Schumer around to call bullshit.

Watch the video below (slightly NSFW due to language):