Kirk Cameron: Back to Atheism Thanks to Bruised Banana

Photo by Gred Skidmore via Flickr

Kirk Cameron, co-host of the evangelical television show The Way of the Master, has publically declared himself a nonbeliever—again. Cameron identified as an atheist until the age of 17, when he became born again at the height of his career on the hit TV show Growing Pains. After the show was cancelled, Cameron starred in Christian films and traveled with fellow evangelical Christian Ray Comfort, debating nonbelievers and training fellow Christians how to evangelize.

Until recently, Cameron had argued that the shape, non-slip surface, biodegradable wrapper, and nutritional value of a banana are proof enough that God exists. In other words, the banana is so perfect that it had to be created by a divine being.

So, why did Cameron revert back to atheism? He was reportedly at Costco last week buying groceries for his family when he stumbled upon a funny looking banana. According to his Twitter feed, Cameron described the banana as “S-shaped, bruised, and unnatural looking.” He was in such shock that he took the piece of fruit and ran out the door (breaking the 8th Commandment : “thou shalt not steal”).

On his way home, Cameron began to question God’s existence because God would never create such an imperfect and ugly banana. Now Mr. Cameron, who declared himself “bruised but not broken,” is wearing his atheist badge with pride. According to The Way of the Master website, they’re looking for a new co-host for their television show.

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