It’s Time to Make _____ Great Again!

Well, it’s here. The moment that most of America collectively laughed off as absolutely impossible is here. Donald Trump is all-but-certain to be the Republican Party’s nominee for President of the United States.

We could write volumes about what a Trump presidency might mean for humanists, for Americans, and for the world at large, but we thought we’d take a different approach. The Donald’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again!,” is as ubiquitous as it is confusing. What exactly do his supporters think our country has lost that we’re seeking to regain? So, in the style of Trump, we thought we’d collect a roundup of things in the news that actually do need to be made great again.

Check them out below, and add your own in the comments!

Make The DC Metro Great Again!

Make Religious Liberty Great Again!

Make Affordable Cocktails Great Again!

Make Taco Bowls Great Again!

Make Humble Brags on Instagram Great Again!

Make Face to Face Conversation Great Again!

Make Healthcare Great Again!

Make The National Motto Great Again!

Make Trans-Friendly Bathrooms Great Again!

Make Our Oceans Great Again!

Make Basic Economics Education Great Again!

Make Emergency Roadside Assistance Great Again!

Make The $20 Bill Great Again! (and it will be!)

Can you think of anything else that needs to be made great again? Sound off in the comments below!