The Puzzle of the Permian (Probably Solved)

by Janet Asimov

With news of potentially destructive volcanoes and exploding calderas, are we headed toward another major extinction event? Dr. Janet Asimov examines various scientific theories... Read More

The UU Congregation: A Habitat for Humanism

by Maria Greene

How can Unitarian Universalists and Humanists work together to create community? Maria Greene, development and communications director of the UU Humanist Association, argues the... Read More

Chapter Profile: Greater Richmond Humanists

by Rachael Berman

Rachael Berman, AHA Grassroots Coordinator, interviews Mark Reimers, president of the Greater Richmond Humanists in Richmond, Virginia to learn more about local humanist organizing!... Read More

The Humanist Puzzle: Double Jumble

by Dan Mason

This week’s puzzle, titled “The Modern World,” is a double jumble! Unscramble the words and place into the blanks with numbers beneath. Transfer the... Read More