Lt. Dan Choi: The Face of a Movement

On December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks decided she had had enough. When the driver of a crowded Montgomery bus decided to extend the “whites only” seating past the section Rosa Parks was occupying, she refused... Read More

A Costly Chill in the Air

From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli, the United States Armed Forces have left bullets and boot prints all over the world, building enough square mileage of domestic military installations to rival... Read More

Raising the Flag

I find myself needing to tell a simple story, one that highlights my family, my community, and the everyday reality of being a humanist at heart and in life. Sitting down for dinner one evening,... Read More

A Free Speech Challenge for Parents

Should a thirteen-year-old be able to purchase a school-shooting simulator without parents’ knowledge or consent? The Supreme Court says that freedom of speech requires they do have that opportunity. On June 27, in a 7-2... Read More

Stop Saying “Same-Sex” Marriage

On July 24 New York became the sixth state to offer officially recognized marriage licenses to same-sex couples; but it didn’t recognize same-sex marriage. Why? Because there is no such thing. Though we hear these... Read More

Modernizing Secular Addiction Recovery

This article was first published on Men and women of all ethnic backgrounds and religious or nonreligious affiliations suffer from debilitating addictions, which have detrimental effects on millions of lives. Addiction recovery treatments shouldn't... Read More