Protecting Protest

Protesting has long been a common form of resistance, and lately in the United States we’ve seen popular protests against police violence, pipeline construction, and in response to the election of Donald Trump. The right... Read More

Sir Salman’s Day

Valentine’s Day excerpt from Holidays and Other Disasters (Humanist Press, 2013) “On St. Valentine’s Day, 1989, the last day of her life…” – The Ground Beneath Her Feet Both for his unflagging love of literature... Read More

Lucky on Valentine’s Day Even if you don’t like celebrating the holiday, be grateful you have the choice

Lots of adults eschew Valentine’s Day as a forced holiday that makes single people feel bad and couples feel pressured to spend money and deliver the perfect dinner, chocolate, flowers, or other gift. Still, most... Read More

Get Savvy for My Grandmother

With the new presidential administration and a Republican majority in Congress, I think we can all expect a reinvigorated attack on abortion access, so let’s reassess where we are. We could discuss any number of... Read More

Are LGTBQ Rights Trump’s Next Target?

During his first weeks in office, President Trump signed several executive orders for an Environmental Protection Agency media blackout, a ban on funding global organizations that either perform or mention abortion, and the now-infamous “Muslim... Read More