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  1. techlady4160 says:

    Hate the cover. Three women? All white? Puh-leeze.

  2. Emmanuel says:

    should placebo effect  be meet with skipticism?

  3. Charmlark says:

    Thorough, informative, and inspiring some real hope that we may have a rational future after all.

  4. Vee says:

    I am a humanist and have seen how the unseen, yes the mysterious has value. Science is stepping up and supporting many ideas that are valid for many people who follow a spiritual path. This is so different then following a religion. Please be careful of putting everything in one category. It is as crazy seeming as the religious right…you can become the “anti everything that isn’t of reason right”
    Going to extremes does not work!!!!!  We have already suffered from the rational age….we need to move into integrating the many parts of who we are as human…yes be discerning with a curious mind!!!!  We are so much more than a label, any kind of label will not work!!!!!!!!

    • phaith says:

      It seems pompous to assume the keys to understanding the universe are held in human logic. 

  5. ferrin says:

    My personal experience with some local “skeptics” makes me skeptical about skeptics. Skepticism can take on a life of its own, and be used indiscriminately against things about which the devout skeptic knows very little. Such people are not only annoying because of their baseless certainty, but they themselves can become unwitting mouthpieces for those who would twist science in order to protect economic interests. Skeptics now could later be proven to be just as wrong as those skeptics of old who didn’t believe invisible agents—like germs—could be responsible for epidemics, or who didn’t think the earth could be round because it was obviously flat. There are many things on the edge of science today that could go either way with time, and jeering apart from or along with the crowd does not make you any more intelligent or insightful than the next guy.