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Letters to the Editor (LTE) are a great way to make your humanist voice heard on local and national issues. Did you get your letter-to-the-editor published in a local or major newspaper? Tell us and we’ll re-publish it!

Below are the most recent published LTEs by AHA members and HNN readers:

Christians elected
Post and Courier (South Carolina)
December 29, 2013

In a Dec. 19 letter, “Pray for nation,” a woman writes about how troubled she and her friends at Jacksonboro Baptist Church are because Christians in this country are losing their rights and being persecuted.

Not surprisingly, she offered no examples.

Even stranger, she said that Christians did not vote in the last election. Since over 90 percent of those elected were Christians, with an overwhelming majority of voters identifying as Christian, I can’t imagine what she has to complain about.

Although I’m an atheist, I almost always vote for a Christian, not because I’m impressed by their declared God beliefs, but because I usually have no other choice.

So I look for, but don’t always find, Christians who support church-state separation, favor the teaching of evolution, oppose the use of public funds for religiously affiliated organizations, and back gay rights and abortion rights.

If Christians are being persecuted and, presumably, atheists are advantaged, why is it that atheists in all walks of life are afraid to come out of their non-religious closet and no acknowledged atheist serves in Congress?

Herb Silverman
Charleston, SC