Barry F. Seidman and Arnell Dowret

Barry F. Seidman is the executive producer and host of Equal Time for Freethought. He has worked as a humanist/freethought community leader and events coordinator for the Council for Secular Humanism and the Center for Inquiry. His writing has been published in numerous periodicals, including Free Inquiry, Philosophy Now, the Skeptic UK, the New Humanist, Biotechnology News, and Skeptical Inquirer. He is coeditor of the anthology, Toward a New Political Humanism.

Arnell Dowret is associate producer and host of Equal Time for Freethought.He is a contributing author to Toward a New Political Humanism and The Myth of Free Will. He developed “Secular Connections” an alternative experimental workshop originally offered by the Center for Inquiry in New Jersey, and currently runs a similar workshop in NYC called “The Experimental Zone

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