Deborah June Goemans

Deborah June Goemans has lived in four countries on three continents and considers herself a world citizen. She is a mother, wife, humanist, writer, editor, and acrobat. Her book, The Amaranth Bloom, is a humanistic novel set in South Africa during apartheid.

Posts by Deborah June Goemans

Tough Fluidity

Snips and snails And puppy-dogs’ tails That’s what little boys are made of. Sugar and spice And all that’s nice That’s what little girls... Read More

Don’t Be a Dick’s

When twelve-year-old McKenna Peterson wrote to Dick’s Sporting Goods complaining that no women were represented as athletes in their basketball catalog, she was pointing... Read More

A Green Hereafter

MY FRIEND MARY and I tread lightly upon the early spring awakenings at the Greensprings Natural Cemetery in Newfield, New York. Jennifer Johnson, our... Read More

Motherless Child

An abscess in the tooth or colon curls one inward as salt poured upon a snail. And so does grief; grief is an oozing,... Read More