Janet Asimov

Dr. Janet Jeppson Asimov was a writer and psychiatrist in New York. She was married to the science fiction author and past American Humanist Association president Isaac Asimov.

Posts by Janet Asimov

Welcome to Mortality

Life is a terminal condition and death never takes a holiday, except that Terry Pratchett’s character named Death did once take a holiday (alas,... Read More

In Praise of Imperfection

In pagan times, people worshipped various humanoid supernatural deities who did not even pretend to be perfect. Gods like Zeus and Odin, busy smiting... Read More

Yuletide Comfort for Atheists

I’ve been interested in and slightly amused by recent articles on how to find comfort when one is an atheist, so I thought I’d... Read More

Small River, Long Ago

In those pleasant little towns on Thames, you may hear the fall of the water over the weirs, or even, in still weather, the... Read More

The Need to Belong

Humans began as tribal animals. Given current headlines, we know that tribalism and the labels it uses are still present. Tribalism is killing many... Read More