Sikivu Hutchinson

Sikivu Hutchinson is a writer, educator, and director. Her books include Humanists in the Hood: Unapologetically Black, Feminist, and HereticalWhite Nights, Black Paradise and the novel Rock ‘n’ Roll Heretic: The Life and Times of Rory Tharpe. She is the founder of the Women’s Leadership ProjectBlack Skeptics L.A. and a co-facilitator of the Black LGBTQI+ Parent and Caregiver group. This month, she will begin teaching an African American Humanism course in Pitzer College’s Secular Studies program.

Posts by Sikivu Hutchinson

Walking by Sight, Not Faith

Coming from historically religious African American communities, Black atheists are routinely marginalized and stigmatized. Although the number of Black religious “nones” is growing, self-identified... Read More

The Black Humanist Heathen Gaze

On Wednesday, May 20, the American Humanist Association’s Center for Education presents its May Speaker Series event via Zoom (6:30-8:00pm ET) with Sikivu Hutchinson.... Read More