“Science Versus Religion” & “Parable of Food”

Science Versus Religion

To understand everything,
all you need
is 10 numbers
and 26 letters

which is accurate
to the exact extent
that every lie has access
to that same truth.


Parable of Food

There is an abundance of food
and the children are hungry

which is a problem only because good food
must first be prepared properly

which means there will be a wait
because what is nourishing

is not available in a box that can be opened
and poured onto a plate

it must be sliced and seasoned
and simmered so that the flavors

careen into a satisfying meal that will
create a lasting craving for what is

better than the aftertaste of mediocrity
I want the children to wait

a little longer, the box within their reach
I want them to choose between

convenience and sustenance
I want them to know they will never be full.