The Humanist Hour #198: Humanist Alliance Advisor Interviews, Part 1

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Just before the American Humanist Association’s 75th Anniversary Conference a couple of weeks ago, the organization announced that it was launching a new Black Humanist Alliance and the revamped and revitalized Feminist Humanist Alliance and LGBTQ Humanist Alliance. Stephanie Zvan caught up with several alliance advisory council members at and after the conference. In this show, we bring you the first of those interviews.

Andy Semler is a trans nonbinary activist working in rural Indiana. They are a new member of the LGBTQ Humanist Alliance with a special interest in homelessness in the trans community.

Andy’s links:

Heina Dadabhoy is a nonbinary writer and speaker who is new to organizational secular activism. They are part of the Feminist Humanist Alliance, looking forward to broadening our ideas on reproductive justice.

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Diane Burkholder is an HIV and Black Lives Matter activist out of Kansas City. She’s one of the new co-chairs of the LGBTQ Humanist Alliance, working to get us looking past marriage equality.

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