The Humanist Hour #205: Examining Honor Culture and Violence in Islam

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Earlier this month, model and activist Qandeel Baloch was found dead in her home in Pakistan. She’d been drugged and murdered by her brother in what he claimed was an honor killing. Baloch was a feminist and a pop star who didn’t adhere to local Islamic modesty standards. Her brother claimed that this brought shame upon their family.

Baloch’s murder was more widely reported in the U.S. than most honor killings. Reactions to the news were varied but demonstrated a broad lack of understanding of the ways in which honor killings are distinct from domestic violence in more individualistic societies. This past May, Muhammad Syed, Sarah Haider, and Mya Saleem of the Ex-Muslims of North America explored those differences in a panel titled, “Examining Honor Culture and Violence in Islam” at the AHA’s 75th Anniversary Conference in Chicago. This week, we bring you that panel and part of the Q&A that followed. The full Q&A can be found on the video on the AHA’s YouTube channel.

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