The Humanist Hour #228: Lucien Greaves on the Satanic Temple

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The Satanic Temple (TST) are passionate about fighting religious favoritism and pursuing fair and equal application of the law. For example, they’ve received attention for trying to get statues of the deity Baphomet erected on public grounds in Oklahoma and in Arkansas, alongside monuments depicting the Ten Commandments. They’ve also launched after-school Satan clubs, in response to the Child Evangelism Fellowship’s Good News Clubs, which meet in public schools with an unmistakeable and rather aggressive religious agenda.

The Humanist Hour recently had the pleasure of speaking with Lucien Greaves, one of the organization’s cofounders. We discussed the origins of TST, their philosophy, and several of their ongoing projects.

Ed. note: Lucien Greaves will be speaking at the American Humanist Association’s 76th Annual Conference, June 8-11, 2017 in Charleston, SC! Check out Greaves and our other speakers and awardees and consider registering today!

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