The Humanist Hour #229: Bart Campolo on Why I Left, Why I Stayed

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For much of Bart Campolo’s life, he looked very much like the proverbial apple who hadn’t fallen far from the family tree. Son of Evangelical minister and author Tony Campolo, he did mission work in Cincinnati and preached across the country. It was the mission work he really loved, though, and when he decided he no longer believed in Christianity, he found himself a new mission creating a humanist community at the University of Southern California.

Campolo had an easier time than most preacher’s kids who leave religion, but his father was still confused about what he believed and why. Together, they turned their dialogue on Campolo’s humanism into a book, Why I Left, Why I Stayed. He joins us this week to talk with Peggy Knudtson about the book and his new mission.

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