The Humanist Hour #108: Coming Out Ex-Muslim with Muhammad Syed and Hiba Krisht

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In this episode, Bo interviews Muhammad Syed, co-founder and director of operations for Ex-Muslims of North America, and Hiba Krisht, ex-Muslim blogger.

The Ex-Muslims of North America are a group of people dedicated to supporting and helping ex-Muslims. The primary reason for our group’s existence is to build a community and provide a sense of solidarity for ‘ex-Muslims’ – people who used to follow Islam or identify as Muslim, and who no longer do so. As such, this group is only for ex-Muslims, primarily those located in or from North America.


  • dPappy

    – the conversation was a learning experience for this listener – concerned that ex-Muslims who ‘come out’ are sticking big bull’s eyes on their backs no matter what continent they’re on – good luck to them & all who put their trust in reason & science –

  • Guest

    I appreciate the host’s openness and interest in having the guests on, but it seemed like he didn’t do any homework before doing the interview. How do you pronounce “Muslim”? Asking them to speak for all Muslims (as if there isn’t a great deal of diversity across cultures, sects, and individuals, etc.). Implying that they are in mortal danger for leaving Islam (as if this were an universal experience for all who leave the faith, especially in the West)? It’s great that the podcast has had a lot of interesting guests in the last few months (black, gay, ex-Muslim, etc.). But, I think the program might want to ask different individuals to do the interviews so that the dialogue can be more nuanced and informed. For example, it might have been more informative if someone with a background with Islam had interviewed the guests. The host might want to do more homework before taking on such guests in the future or at least acknowledge upfront to the audience and/or guests their lack of knowledge and understanding of the basics of the community from which the guests are from. FWIW

  • Another Guest

    I have enjoyed the last several Humanist Hour episodes very much! This seems to be a slightly different approach, and I like it. I suspect time was tight for this interview with many items to discuss. I feel some of the areas could have been explored more deeply. Personally, I’m okay with longer episodes or even breaking up long interviews into multiple episodes to dive deeper into the issues. Just my two cents. Overall, I love the podcast! Thank you!