The Humanist Hour #127: Critical Thinking with Dr. Kevin deLaplante

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In this episode, Bo Bennett interviews Kevin deLaplante, philosophy and religious studies professor at Iowa State University. They discuss several aspects of critical thinking, including it is so important in everyday life.

From Dr. deLaplante’s website, Critical Thinking Academy:

When I’m not working on the Academy I teach at Iowa State University in the Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies. I was Chair of that department from 2009-2013.

My early training was in physics. In graduate school I focused my studies on the history and philosophy of science.

Over the years I’ve taught courses on Introduction to Philosophy, Ethics, Symbolic Logic, Logic and Scientific Reasoning, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Physics, Philosophy of Biology, Philosophy of Ecology, Philosophy of Mathematics, and others.

I’ve always had an interest in critical thinking, human (ir)rationality and the psychology of belief and judgment. The Academy is a place where I can indulge my interests in this area and share what I’ve learned with a broader audience.

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