The Humanist Hour #138: Intentional Insights with Gleb Tsipursky, PhD

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In this episode, Bo Bennett and Kim Ellington discuss discovering meaning and purpose with Gleb Tsipursky, co-founder and chief insights officer at Intentional Insights.

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Gleb’s passion for helping people use science to find purpose and meaning, evaluate reality rationally, and make effective decisions to led him and his wife, Agnes Vishnevkin, to co-found Intentional Insights in the Spring of 2014. Since that time, Gleb has collaborated with a group of like-minded enthusiasts to translate complex academic research on rational thinking and emotional intelligence into pragmatic tools and strategies relevant to a broad public. He was always excited about studying and promoting such ideas, leading him to get a PhD in history, and to research and teach students about meaning and purpose, decision making, emotions, and agency in various historical contexts. As a historian, he is in the fortunate position of having scholarly expertise in combining research from many different fields into a cohesive whole, and translation of this information for a broad audience. Gleb currently holds a tenure-track professorship at The Ohio State University as a faculty in the History Department and a member of the Behavioral Decision-Making Initiative there. He is also a member of the International Network on Personal Meaning.