The Humanist Hour #140: Awkward Moments in the Bible, with Horus Gilgamesh

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In this episode, Bo Bennett interviews Horus Gilgamesh, author of the Awkward Moments (not found in your average) Children’s Bible series.

From Horus’ website:

Horus was raised Catholic before being “born again” in college when he began following a calling toward full-time ministry. Early on, his efforts were focused on youth evangelism and Biblical literacy around the world. When he was on a missions trip to Africa, a fearless young boy approached, pleading, “Chakula? Maji?“- the Swahili words for “food” and “water.” Unfortunately, Horus had no food or water to offer the poor child – only Bibles.

A few days later, Horus met a humanitarian relief worker from Spain who shared five simple words of wisdom that would change his life forever – “Empty stomachs have no ears.”  Horus realized that he was not meeting the very real needs of the people he was hoping to help – he was struggling to finding a purpose in his own life, as a self righteous servant of his Creator.

To many Christians, the most important gift you could ever give to a man is a chance at eternal life through the Gospel of Jesus Christ – the Living Water. But what about this life? There are billions who would give anything for a drink of regular old H2O.

Over the years, Horus became more interested in critical needs and social justice initiatives, helping those at risk of severe poverty, disease, or violence. The pain and suffering he saw first hand  led him to be more and more troubled by God’s apparent disregard for the children of His creation. This led Horus to years of re-studying the Bible for himself, away from the “rose-colored” teachings of any church or seminary. He never returned.


  • pattiwil

    Awesome! Thanks so much for this podcast! We got a chance to meet Horus at an event in Raleigh, NC and he was just amazing, bringing the room to both tears and laughter through an informative and inspirational speech. I sort of have a crush… 😉

  • UtahMama

    “Outgrew the magic feather of my faith…” I just loved that analogy! Same with the idea of faith being a “placebo” antidote to the fear of death. Great podcast – I’d love to hear more for Horus!

  • Horus Gilgamesh

    Haha! I just listened to my own ridiculously random mis-use of the anecdote vs. antidote over and over again. Yes, I know the difference – I was just exhausted after a week on the road. Haha! Please forgive me!

  • Jack Pedigo

    The biggest problem with the story is that empty stomachs is and has been the result of inadequate resource distribution. With over 7 BILLION headed for 9 BILLION and then 11 BILLION humans on one small planet there are not enough resources to go around and there will be even fewer in the future. Education, religious or otherwise, is a resource that is becoming in short supply. All the social justice programs have not and will not stem the tide no matter how well intentioned. As long as we consider one species, ours, the center of the universe (of which non-believers are as guilty as believers) we will have a major reduction in the life (for many forms) support system of this world. In the end so-called environmental justice systems exacerbate the problem. That is the reality of which we naturalistic thinkers claim to be engaged! This planet is NOT anthropocentric.