The Humanist Hour #141: What Is Polyamory All About?

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In this episode, Bo Bennett and Kim Ellington interview Susan Porter and Rose McDonnell from Listen as they discuss polyamory – the practice of having multiple simultaneous sexual and/or romantic partners.

From the website:

PolyColumbus empowers individuals that either self-identify as polyamorous, open, or ethically non-monogamous, or are exploring such possibilities. We build community to provide a safe and inclusive place to not only be ourselves, but also meet like-minded individuals from all backgrounds.

We advocate for the equal treatment of the ethically non-monogamous under law, and for broader societal acceptance of the same. We serve organizations with similar goals by documenting best practices and creating other resources for successfully running such an organization.

Finally, we educate each other, allied organizations, and the broader community on what it means to be ethically non-monogamous.