The Humanist Hour #157: Interview an Atheist at Church Day, with Kile Jones

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In this episode, Bo Bennett speaks with Kile Jones, creator of the “Interview an Atheist at Church Day” project. Listen as they discuss what the project is about & why it is needed, and marvel as Bo channels his inner preacher by conducting a “mock interview” with Kile, who demonstrates what it is like to be an atheist in church.

From Kile’s website:

Interview an Atheist at Church Day is a project created by Kile Jones, a Ph.D student at Claremont Lincoln University, an inter-religious school to train ministers. Kile is an atheist who is interested in helping liberal religious people work together with unbelieving communities for the betterment of society.

Interview an Atheist at Church Day is a community project aimed at bettering the understanding between atheists and religious persons. We hope to connect atheists who are willing to be interviewed with congregations in their area that are interested in developing ties with atheists in their area. The “day” represents our desire to grow into something far-reaching and beneficial to atheists and churchgoers alike.

As unbelieving populations around the world continue to rise, dialogue and understanding between atheists and people of faith is more important than ever. We live and work in the same world: understanding better what both unites and divides religious and non-religious people can only help us make this world a better place.