The Humanist Hour #173: Chris Shelton Talks Scientology

Chris Shelton

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In this episode, Peggy Knudtson speaks with former scientologist Chris Shelton at The Skeptics of Oz conference. Later, correspondent Jenn Wilson speaks with Dr. John Hawks, one of the lead scientists on the Rising Star Expedition, about the practice of open science and how it has benefited this work.

Chris Shelton used to be a Scientologist and got himself out of that situation in late 2013. As part of his road out of that mess, he discovered skepticism and the whole subject of critical thinking. It was an epiphany for Chris and a very important step on his road to recovery. No one wants to think that they were duped or made a fool of, and no one wants to think that they could be so easily deceived. Once he started learning about logic and reason, he made it his mission in life to spread this new “gospel” so as to help others in their lives.

John Hawks is an associate professor of anthropology at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. He also is the author of a widely read paleoanthropology blog.