Happy Thanksgiving from the American Humanist Association

All of us at the American Humanist Association wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s an image we’ll be sharing with our over 160,000 followers on Facebook next Thursday—our favorite humanists, scientists, and freethought activists!

From left to right: Joyce Carol Oates (2007 Humanist of the Year), Carl Sagan (1981 Humanist of the Year), Neil deGrasse Tyson (2009 Isaac Asimov Science Award), Richard Dawkins (1996 Humanist of the Year), Isaac Asimov (former AHA President), Katharine Hepburn (1985 Humanist Arts Award), Gloria Steinem (2012 Humanist of the Year), and Kurt Vonnegut (former AHA Honorary President).

If you could have anyone at your Thanksgiving table this year (living or dead), who would it be? Tell us in the comments below!