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  1. Lucky Berger says:

    simple and to the point. thanks

  2. JohnH says:

    H. J. Eysenk offered this definition: “Humanism is the commitment to the use of reason in human affairs, applied in the service of compassion.” 

    As the conversation continues, you can add that “Reason and compassion together imply further commitments: to democracy, freedom of thought and speech, equal rights for all, community support for the disadvantaged and handicapped, humane treatment of animals, and preserving the Earth for future generations.”

  3. Jacob Eagleshield says:

    Sadly,in most cases,the conversation never gets that far. It usually begins with”Are you a Christian?” This angers me more than any other question anyone could ask. I do not wear my religion on my sleeve,and what i believe is not who I am,in the religious sense. My beliefs are private between me and my Creator,and is nobody’s business. But i do have an answer. If by “Christian’ you mean a Pat Robertson Jerry Falwell hate monger and narrow minded bigot,then the answer is a resounding NO!!!!!!!