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  1. Jet says:

    Rob – the best form of birth control is self-control. That is the most liberating for men and women. Also keeping sex within marriage is the best safety net for children. Also husbands and wives communicating about their fertility improves the overall relationship and puts love, sex, marriage and childbearing all together in the same package where it belongs. Married couples who use natural family planning (just as effective as the pill when practiced correctly) have the lowest divorce rate of any, less than 5%. In contrast, the fruits of heavy contraceptive use are broken lives, out of wedlock births, abortion, divorce, infertility, children not as a gift but a right using weirdo science, the idea that human beings can be unwanted, a matter of convenience, materialism. Also, a lot of contraceptives work as abortifacients at least part of the time. Men and women have the right to know how these things work. Just stopping pregnancies w/o looking at the real relationships between men/women leads to a lot of heartaches for all involved. Sex is not just a consumer good. It is the glue that binds society. Pope Paul VI got it right back in 1968.

  2. Lily says:

    Jet, Pope Paul doesn’t pay for or raise our kids so he, you (or anyone else) has no say in how many kids we have but us, the parents. Not to mention it is no one else’s business but OUR OWN what we do or use between the sheets. And by the way your contraception = abortion comparison was wonderful! Just like fire extinguishers lead to more fires!

  3. Magdalena says:

    Jet- you speak of liberating women by denying them things. How is that at all liberating? Janet Smith pointed out herself in her speech that women not using contraceptives tend to have children early in their marriage making them more dependent on their husbands while women using contraception tend to finish careers becoming more independent and apparently more likely to divorce if the marriage fails. Is it “liberating” to tie women down by making them baby machines and forcing them to be in an unhappy marriage? I don’t know of anyone’s heartache but of mine and my spouse and I don’t see how it should be anyone else’s, especially if we’re the ones raising and supporting our family with our own INFORMED choices. No mandate is forcing anyone to buy birth control, it is all our choice and should always remain so.