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July 1, 2009

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The Latino Invitation

When are you going to start activities in Spanish? The multitude of Spanish-speaking people coming to this country cannot be ignored. They may become the religious movement of the future. You owe to us (Latinos) the message of reason, rejection of dogma, and liberty.

I came in 1982 and have a college degree in civil engineering. Can I help ? You don't even advertise your magazine PENSAR,

Carlos Diaz, Franklin Park, Pa. 



 (Re: Abortion: Morally Equivalent Doesn't Mean Politically Equivalent,  Humanist Network News, June 17, 2009.)

Words can have an effect on how people think. They are often twisted to support of condemn a specific viewpoint. A case in point is the term "pro-life." I have a problem with this because as more of one species (ours) increases others decrease. After all we are not the only life form on this planet. To be honest the term should be pro human life.

 Jack Pedigo, Seattle, Wash.


 (Re: Abortion: Morally Equivalent Doesn't Mean Politically Equivalent,  Humanist Network News, June 17, 2009.)

I think that Klein may be making a small error when he claims that 'The pro-choice position is "I'll behave according to my morality, and you behave according to yours." The anti-choice position is "I'll behave according to my morality, and you must behave according to mine, too."

We all believe in telling others what's right and what's wrong. Ethics is that area of inquiry where we just do get to tell other people what to do. That's what ethics essentially is. We all agree that if someone steals, we have a right to tell them not to, even when that means using force.

Likewise with violence, and so on. Not even the pro-abortion crowd would allow someone to exercise their interpretation of morality if it meant infringing on the rights of someone else. That's what the real question in the abortion debate is: does a fetus have rights? And, if so, do the rights of a fetus exceed the rights of the mother?

Of course, most humanists reject the claim that fetuses have rights, especially since the supernatural is usually given as support for that claim.

Aaron Smith, Salt Lake City, Utah



(Re:  Attorney General Turns into a Preacher,  Humanist Network News, June 17.2009.)

Terry Sanderson is the president,  not vice-president, of the NSS, and has been so for quite a few years. And the hyperlink http://www.secularism.org.uk/newsline.html  <NSS Newsline> should link to NSS Newsline  not the homepage.

Adam Tjaavk, London, England

(Editor' Note:  Thanks for providing us with this information. We will correct these two items in future editions.)