MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR: Humanism and Gun Control

I’m returning from a reinvigorating (and enjoyably warm) trip to Florida, where I got to connect with many AHA members one on one, and I’m thrilled to hear so many positive comments about Humanist Network News! You’ll soon be seeing some big changes coming up in 2013, including new regular features written by humanists, a newly designed website that allows you to better search for past HNN articles, and lots more. I’ve appreciated all the feedback received so far, and I look forward to implementing your best ideas to make HNN bigger and better!

One item I’d like to explore is the issue of gun control. As humanists, we’re committed to individual freedom and the Bill of Rights. But with the Newtown and other gun-related tragedies, are stricter gun laws the way to prevent tragedy in the future? Should humanists take a stand on this issue? If you have general comments or would like to write a full-length article (supporting or opposing gun control) for our next “Humanist Debate,” write to us at

Maggie Ardiente
Editor, HNN