MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR: Support the Darwin Day Resolution

For the second time in our history, the American Humanist Association helped introduce a bill in Congress! Today Rep. Rush Holt (NJ) introduced House Resolution 41 which calls to designate February 12, 2013 as Darwin Day and recognize the importance of evolution and science education. We’re proud to have allies like Rep. Holt in Congress, and we applaud the bill’s current co-sponsors: Rep. Eleanor Norton (DC), Rep. Ed Markey (MA), Rep. Michael Honda (CA), and Rep. Louise Slaughter (NY).

We need as many co-sponsors for this bill as possible. I strongly encourage you to contact your Representative now using the links in today’s issue of HNN and ask her or him to support H.Res. 41 and stand up for science education. Thank you for your support!

Maggie Ardiente
Editor, Humanist Network News