MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR: Supporting Local and National Humanism

Han Hills, president of the Humanists and Freethinkers of Cape Fear, is just one of many leaders who encourages local members to join the American Humanist Association. He recently wrote to me, “I’ll give AHA memberships a good push at this end. Like a good pair of shoes, everyone should have one. Both help us take a strong step forward.”

Our 140 Chapters and Affiliates provide support we need to make a difference at the national level, but without the support of members, our humanist voice can easily be ignored. If you’ve been an active member of your humanist chapter or affiliate, or if you just receive this newsletter, but haven’t yet joined the American Humanist Association, I hope you’ll consider joining us now. And many thanks to those special members who generously support both local and national humanism. You help make a difference. 

Maggie Ardiente

Editor, HNN