MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR: The Election is Over. Now What?

The campaigns are finally over. President Obama has been re-elected, and we have new Representatives and Senators in Congress. As humanists, what does the next four years hold for us? Already, the American Humanist Association is taking action by encouraging our newly elected Representatives to not join the Congressional Prayer Caucus—a group that’s behind many legislative bills that reinforce “Christian nation” claims and the importance of religion, particularly Christianity, in the United States. Our lobbying team will continue to put pressure on President Obama to end federal funding to religious organizations that discriminate based on hiring. And we’ll continue to represent you and your humanist values.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to recognize Rep. Pete Stark, our humanist friend in Congress who lost a tough race in California last night. Rep. Stark has been a strong ally for church-state separation, and we thank him for all he has done to help bring secular issues to the forefront.

I encourage you to support our work on Capitol Hill by becoming a member of the American Humanist Association and receive our Action Alerts so you can help make a difference. Cheers to the next four years of progress.

Maggie Ardiente
Editor, HNN