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  1. Allreligionsarecultmindcontrol says:

    Jennifier, It’s timely and important that you make use of this particular Thomas Jefferson quote.

    Democracy is too often thought of in simple terms of ‘the most votes wins’, being a just result, based on popularity alone. Popularity in and of itself does not mean right or best, it only inplies those qualities, and in fact is very often wrong and harmful.

    We need to adjust from the overly simplistic approach of ‘its all about the numbers’, to the ethical and humanist approach of, ‘the most humane, reasoned and truthful outcome is the goal’.

    Here in Australia, the christian church machine is doing all it can to prevent ‘ethics’ being taught in our public schools in favour of ‘pastoral care!’. Our pathetically weak-minded Minister for Education is I’m sorry to say, so unpopular that he is accomodating them for fear of becomming even less popular. Too bad, he should have attended the first ethics class! 

    Tony Ansell
    Sydney, Australia