Twitter Contest: Define Humanism in Less Than 140 Characters

Calling all Twitter users! We’re holding a contest to see who can best describe humanism in a Tweet, and we need you to participate!

Here’s the American Humanist Association’s official definition of humanism:

Humanism is a progressive philosophy of life that, without theism or other supernatural beliefs, affirms our ability and responsibility to lead ethical lives of personal fulfillment that aspire to the greater good of humanity.

We love our definition, but we know it’s too long for Twitter! Can you describe humanism in 140 characters or less? Make it fun, unique, and creative—and we’ll send the Twitter user of our favorite definition of humanism a free “Random Book” from the American Humanist Association library (it’s like’s “Bag of Crap.” It’s a mystery!).

The contest will be held Friday, September 16 where we will accept all submissions with the hashtag #humanism. So be sure to log in to Twitter tomorrow and join in the fun of Tweeting about humanism!