Winner of Last Week

Thanks to everyone who participated in last week’s Humanist Trivia Contest! Our HNN readers must know the AHA very well (or can find answers easily online!) because all of this week’s submissions got the right answers. But there can only be one random winner …

The winner of the Humanist Trivia Contest is … Nickolas Diaz! Thank you again, Nickolas, for participating! We’ll be contacting you shortly to send you a free book from the AHA’s Humanist Library!

Thanks again to everyone who participated, and don’t miss our next contest in Humanist Network News!

The questions and the answers to the contest are below.

1. In what official AHA document is it declared that “humans are social by nature and find meaning in relationships?” (Humanism and Its Aspirations or Humanist Manifesto III)

2. Name two of the AHA’s publications. (Free Mind, Essays in the Philosophy of Humanism, The Humanist)

3. Who was the main guest on The Humanist Hour podcast #76? (Cenk Uygur)

4. What Action Alert did the AHA issue on May 15, 2012? (Oppose Religious Discrimination in VAWA Amendment)

5. Name three of the issues on which the AHA works. (Secular Government, Scientific Integrity, Human Rights for All, Promoting Peace, Reproductive Freedom, Women’s Rights, LGBT Rights, Civil Rights in America)

6. Who was the 2001 Humanist of the Year? (Stephen Jay Gould)

7. In what city is the AHA’s 2013 annual conference being held? (San Diego)

8. What is the official name of the AHA’s legal center? (Appignani Humanist Legal Center)

9. What is the “Contact Us” email for the LGBT Humanist Council? (

10. In what year was the AHA founded? (1941)